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According to Ananthapur SP, the video was posted from a UK number and is bogus.

by TST Team
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The controversial naked video was quickly debunked by Ananthapur’s SP, Fakeerappa, who told the media that it was a fake and not the original. He added that it was posted on August 4 at 2.07 a.m. from the mobile number +44 7443 703968.

A few minutes before the video was released, the SP claimed that the number had been added to the iTDP Official WhatsApp group.

The SP added that someone captured the footage and sent it to someone else. The SP claimed that while the second person was watching it, a third person had filmed it. As a result, it was challenging for them to demonstrate that the video was the original and lost its authenticity.

The SP claimed that they wouldn’t be able to verify it until they had access to the original mobile device used to record the video call.

He said that gaining access to MP Gorantla Madhav’s mobile would also allow for the discovery of the original video. He claimed, however, that they have not yet contacted the MP to look at his mobile.

Social media activists for the YSR Congress have discovered that the TDP employee Swathi Reddy had the phone number. Her pictures and profiles went viral on social media, accusing the woman and the TDP of plotting to assassinate the MP and producing pornographic videos.

The MP claimed to have denied the video in Delhi and accused the TDP leaders of altering it to damage his reputation. He declared he would assist any investigating organization in demonstrating that the video was a morphed fake.

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