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Adivi Sesh for the first time talks about his relationship

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It was once rumoured that Adivi Sesh might wed the actress Supriya Yarlagadda in 2019. Adivi Sesh tells up about his dating status for the first time.

Just one month after the theatrical debut of his film Major, actor Adivi Sesh has had some time to “take a moment” and consider all the positive developments of the previous few days.

If his brief appearance in the 2002 film Sontham is taken into account, Sesh has been working in the industry for approximately 20 years. The actor has nevertheless managed to project a neutral image in the business. He smiles when you point this out to him. I don’t drink, smoke, take drugs, or eat non-vegetarian food, he responds. I usually go to bed on time when I’m not working, so I believe that’s pretty much it. After two in the morning, everything unpleasant that occurs in the world occurs. At that time, I’m not awake (laughs).

The actor says that while he “at some time” may consider getting married, for now he isn’t very interested in it. When questioned about marriage, he responds, “Definitely not on my thoughts.” The actor also discusses his parents’ desire for him to get married. He continues, “Basically, my parents are eager to arrange for me to marry off like a respectable Indian boy. As long as she is a Telugu girl, they used to say, but now they say, as long as she is a female from somewhere in the world.

I’m not sure man, but they seem to be in a desperate state. There is a lot to do and not enough time. I really do mean that. Being in a relationship is not a big problem for me because I was raised in the US. I guess I simply feel like you cannot imagine I have time to relax while you fantasise about showing the kids in a Rajasthani village a movie based on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan on a projector.

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