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Anand Deverakonda’s Highway Telugu Movie Review

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For the movie Highway, KV Guhan, a former cinematographer, has paired up with actor Anand Deverakonda. Direct OTT release on Aha was made for the movie. Let’s see how it stands.


Abhishek Banerjee plays the psychopath killer D alias Das, who has killed five women in a row in Hyderabad. Since the murderer has no apparent motivation, it becomes a puzzling enigma for the authorities. Saiyami Kher’s character Asha Bharath is in charge of the probe. On the other side, we witness Vishnu (Anand Deverakonda), a professional photographer who begins travelling to Bangalore for work. Additionally, we witness Tulasi (Manasa Radhakrishnan) living with her single mother and the two of them are both employed by a chicken farm. Tulasi flees from there as their employer tries to sexually abuse her. By chance, she runs into Vishnu. As the police agency widens its search, Das also departs the city. Did the psychopath end up in police hands? How did Das and Vishnu and Tulasi meet? To learn the answers, view the movie.

Gaining Ground

The movie has Vishnu, Tulasi, and Das as its three main characters. The first 20 minutes are spent on character introductions, which are done quite well and allow the spectator to engage right away. Each of the three characters is written effectively. The fact that the story takes place on a highway adds interest.

In his role, Anand Deverakonda does well. He performed admirably and did his part full justice in the most important parts. Manasa Radhakrishnan debuts in Telugu with great accomplishment. She displayed beautiful expression in intense circumstances. She excelled in the aspect of innocence demanded by her part.

As the psychopath, Abhishek Banerjee is threatening and cruel. His performance is just outstanding, and his convincing portrayal of the villain provided the appropriate amount of tension for the movie. He too debuts in Telugu with a bang. Saiyami Kher performs ok in the part.

The story features some well-written, suspenseful passages that keep you wondering what will happen next. Some of the scenes have excellent writing. Examples of it include the killer’s cunning method of murder, things that enrage the killer, and the connection between the last scene and the psycho’s personality.

Negative Points:

Within a very brief distance, the bond between the lead pair forms suddenly. Tulasi’s character seems innocent, but something about this doesn’t seem right.

Despite being enjoyable to listen to, the song in the first hour just throws off the rhythm. At times, especially in the middle, the movie drags. The movie does have its predictable moments. The final VFX work appears strange.

Few scenes look disjointed and lack proper flow as the story frequently switches between the lead couple and the psychopath. It would have been more accurate to represent the killer and cops playing cat and mouse.

Technical Details

The Simon K. King background music has given the movie greater depth and elevated it to a higher plane. He made his music such that it conveyed the tension. He performed admirably.

Regarding some of the scenes’ incorrect flow, the editing should have been done better. This project was funded by Venkat Talari under the Sree Iswarya Lakshmi Movies brand, and it features top-notch production qualities without sacrificing the photography and graphics. They added a sense of richness to the movie.

Regarding KV Guhan, the director and cinematographer, he did an excellent job with the camera work. He did a passable job in the direction department to create an entertaining film. The writing team makes up for the few parts that feel a little wacky with the majority of the sequences.


Highway is a respectable criminal thriller overall. The script is strong, there are interesting situations that are tense, and the lead actors give good performances. On the other hand, a few clumsily constructed sequences, uneven passages, and at times predictable and plodding narrative diminish the overall impact. If you enjoy watching crime thrillers, you’ll enjoy this movie.

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