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Bengaluru rains: Due to “poor infrastructure,” IT and banking industries lost Rs 225 crore in one day.

by TST Team
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In a letter to Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, the Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA), an association of IT and banking companies based in Bengaluru and located in the city’s Outer Ring Road (ORR) area, claimed that member businesses and establishments suffered losses totaling Rs 225 crore in a single day as a result of heavy rains and subsequent flooding, and blamed the losses on the state’s inadequate infrastructure.

Heavy rain on August 30 knocked India’s IT and startup hub to its knees, flooding portions of the city.

The efficiency and productivity of the businesses are suffering due to the poor infrastructure along this corridor, which also endangers the safety and wellbeing of the workers. Staff were stranded on the road for more than 5 hours due to flooding on the ORR on August 30, which resulted in a loss of Rs 225 crore, according to an ORRCA letter.

The body also stated that although though just 30% of the local workforce works from offices, the ORR’s poor infrastructure situation has reached a “crisis level.”

Global anxiety about Bengaluru’s capacity to absorb additional expansion has been sparked by the collapse of the infrastructure, it continued.

The letter continued that some of the member companies, who have invested a significant amount in the ORR, were forced to activate emergency business continuity plans, resume work from home, or transfer crucial work to locations outside of Bengaluru, harming the city’s and the state’s reputations and economy.

For the previous three days and beyond, the issue has persisted.

The group also claimed that a number of anticipated building projects intended to improve the situation in the ORR area have either halted or moved very slowly.

In addition, a number of projects intended to build arterial roads, high-density corridor roads, and ameliorate traffic conditions as a result of Metro construction were approved years ago but have not yet been finished.

The group has sought a detailed plan for resolving the issue.

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