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Bimbisara Movie Review

by TST Team
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In addition to undergoing a significant transformation for the character of Bimbisara, Kalyan Ram also successfully made a comeback. The way Kalyan Ram depicts an arrogant dictator is quite impressive. He is absolutely faultless. The flashback section showed him to be quite violent at every single point. Undoubtedly, after seeing Kalyan Ram in Bimbisara, doubts would creep into the audience’s heads. Has the Kalyan Ram we’ve been missing all these years finally arrived?

The show’s opening monologue by Jr. NTR was a mood-lifter for everyone, but especially for Nandamuri fans.

Samyuktha Menon and Catherine Tresa both delivered excellent performances, with the former gaining a lot of weight. In O Tene Palukula, Catherine was positively dazzling.

Vennela Kishore and Srinivasa Reddy both acquire significant roles, which they both effectively defend.

Prakash Raj and a little girl both had important parts to play in the story of Bimbisara. They might be viewed as the sturdy pillars in addition to the leads.

Because time travel is a fiction, Bimbisara did fairly well. It serves as both the main element and the main focal idea of the movie. The idea seemed to be really fresh, and Vassishta’s application gave it much greater shape. Although not much in the film makes it clear, Bimbisara is the director’s first effort behind the camera. This authorised execution can be seen throughout the entire film as the periods are frequently altered between the past and the present to operate the movie on a parallel screenplay. Vassishta’s decision to focus the narrative on the preservation of the riches is an intriguing plot choice. Perfect reasoning, feeling, and connection are necessary for the time travel component to connect the past and present. The writing of Vasishta is really impressive.

MM Keeravani raised the savage spirits of Bimbisara. He is essentially to blame for every heroic action we see on TV. Keeravani is without a doubt the film’s greatest technical strength, particularly in the action sequences and the full flashback chapter.

The VFX work in the film is outstanding. Advitha Creative Studios, which is owned by Kalyan Ram, appears to have created the best visual effects. The VFX images were excellent on a big screen and were present from the very beginning of the film.


One such socio-fantasy film that transcends the genre with an engaging time-travel plot is Bimbisara. Highlights include Vassishta’s flawless presentation and Kalyan Ram’s aggressive acting. The movie’s shifting timelines and parallel storyline keep spectators interested for the duration of its running time and gratify them with surprising twists. Bimbisara is a fantasy encounter worth witnessing because of its unique originality and distinctiveness.

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