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Brahmastra Movie Review : It’s Not a Fairy Tale

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Brahmastra review by SS Rajamouli

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor, SS Rajamouli, and Nagarjuna Akkineni were seen promoting Brahmastra in Chennai. At a promotional event, the Baahubali director showered Ayan Mukerji with adulation and claimed that constructing the world that Ayan has created is not simple. According to Rajamouli, he has established a power in Brahmastra, but it has boundaries, giving room for future chapters to illustrate how good ultimately triumphs over evil. Rajamouli emphasised that it’s not a simple job and noted that Ayan’s creation is not a fairy tale. According to Rajamouli, Ayan produced the movie in a commercial manner.

The Brahmastra lesson from SS Rajamouli

He also discussed what he learned from seeing Brahmastra at the event. According to SS Rajamouli, Ayan Mukerji has demonstrated that love is more strong than all of the astras that will appear in the movie. It’s not a wordplay, he added, “Ayan made sure that love is the strongest of all the astras, including Vanara Astra, Agni Astra, Jalastra, and Brahmastra.” SS Rajamouli lauded the young director, adding that he had built the realm of astras, which is only mentioned in stories and literature but which we have never seen in all of its splendour. He expressed his gratitude to everyone connected to Brahmastra for including him in it. Every day, Ranbir Kapoor and Brahmastra have been making headlines in the entertainment world.

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