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Filmfare withdraws Kangana Ranaut’s nomination after her charges.

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In response to actress Kangana Ranaut’s allegations that she is suing Filmfare for nominating her for an award, the publication has at last spoken up. The “Thalaivii” actress wrote on her Instagram stories that the magazine was dishonest and unscrupulous.

Filmfare has issued a new statement in which it retracts the nomination for Kangana’s film “Thalaivi” and calls her allegations untrue. According to tradition, Filmfare’s Executive Editor informed Ms. Ranaut of her nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Female and requested her address in order to issue her an invitation, according to the statement.

The publication also disclosed the correspondence it had with Kangana to confirm her attendance at the occasion. Sincere congrats on being nominated for a Filmfare Award, Kangana. It will be a pleasure to see you at the awards event on August 30 at the Jio World Convention Centre in BKC, Mumbai. Please confirm your attendance. We can better plan where to put you. P.S. We need your home address so we can send you the invitation. Regards.’ ” There was never any suggestion that she would get an honour or that she would be asked to perform at the occasion.

They also referred to her claim as untrue and stated that she was given the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role despite missing the event twice in 2015 and 2015. “Ms. Ranaut is making a blatantly false claim with this statement. Our invitation to her was part of our endeavour to rally everyone in a celebration of Indian cinema, which we believe unites this country. The Filmfare Awards are given in recognition of outstanding movies, and they are given whether or not the nominee performs at the event. Also, Ms. Ranaut, a five-time Filmfare Award winner, received the honour twice when she was not present (2014 & 2015). Despite being aware that she would neither perform or attend,” the statement said.

Filmfare continued by stating that they are rescinding Ms. Ranaut’s nomination as a result of her careless words and threatened to file a lawsuit if necessary. “We are removing Ms. Ranaut’s Best Actress nomination for the film Thalaivii due to her careless comments on the Filmfare Awards. She made malicious and defamatory statements that damaged our reputation and goodwill, and we reserve the right to take legal action against her.

For her role in the movie “Thalaivii,” Kangana Ranaut is up for the Best Actress in a Leading Role Award alongside Vidya Balan, Kriti Sanon, Parineeti Chopra, Taapsee Pannu, and Kiara Advani.

The actress caused a stir online after learning she had been nominated when she claimed Filmfare had forced her to go to the event. She was prompt to respond, nevertheless, after Filmfare withdrew her nomination.

The actress declared on Instagram that she will continue to pursue legal action against them and that she will meet with them in court. She said, “Thanks to everyone who helped me in this fight against a corrupt system, @filmfare has finally withdrawn my best actress nominations. However, this doesn’t stop me from taking legal action against them… my endeavour is to put an end to these unethical practises and stop such malicious award shows… see you in court @filmfare.”

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