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Gorantla Madhav’s video sent for forensic test: Home Minister

by TST Team
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The state administration allegedly sent the purported naked video call involving MP Gorantla Madhav for a forensic examination, according to AP Home Minister Taneti Vanitha. She added that, if the allegations are shown to be true, the government and the party would take significant action against the MP.

At Rajamahendravaram, she informed the press that the MP had already rejected the video call and said it was a distorted image. The Home Minister claimed that when he released the altered video, he also named a few TDP leaders.

She continued by saying that if the MP were found guilty of the crime, the government would take action against him. She continued by saying that the government would pursue legal action against anyone connected to the matter, including the individuals who modified the video call.

The opposition TDP leaders were held responsible by the home minister for raising a fuss about the matter. She continued by saying that the TDP leaders were attempting to harm the YSR Congress’ reputation by releasing this modified footage.

Vanitha further said that the TDP was using false information and plots to gain political advantage.

She also pressed TDP leaders for an explanation of what they did after leader and former MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar insulted an MRO. She also brought up the instances of Ravela Kishore Babu, a former TDP minister, abusing a Muslim woman and the call money-sex racket that was uncovered in Vijayawada, where multiple women were taken advantage of.

The TDP leaders were cautioned by the home minister to refrain from utilising women’s issues for political benefit. She asserted that if women are treated unfairly, the Jagan Mohan Reddy administration would not hold back.

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