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How to care for your pets in rainy weather

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Here is everything you need to know about caring for your pets during the monsoon.

In the rain, you must keep your pet safe. The monsoon season is when your animal buddies may experience problems with heat, humidity, and rain. Check out our detailed tips on how to care for your dog or cat if you’re experiencing problems during the rainy season.


Given the climate, pet food for the monsoon should be light and nourishing to prevent stomach issues. Make sure your pets are adequately hydrated because the cold could make them less likely to frequent their water dishes. To lower your risk of getting sick from drinking tap water, don’t use it. To avoid illnesses, keep their bowls clean and freshly laundered. Make sure their food is well-balanced and has enough fibre to satisfy their appetite.


During the monsoons, frequent grooming is just as important as eating well. Because of the humidity, it’s never a good idea to let your pet’s coat get wet. Proper grooming procedures must be carried out to prevent skin problems. These are merely some fundamental suggestions for keeping dogs content and healthy during the rainy season. To the aforementioned list, add lots of cuddles, and your pet dog will be content all the time. A key to ensuring your pet’s coat is thoroughly dry after a bath is to prevent skin issues. In light of this, booking a session at your nearby HUFT spa is worthwhile.


Your dog’s paws are frequently in contact with the ground, exposing them to dirt as well as pathogen-causing bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. If your dog doesn’t like wearing doggy shoes, make sure to properly wipe their paws with warm water and a towel after each walk. Doggie shoes or boots can help protect their paws.

Flea and tick attacks

Warm, muggy weather encourages the activity of insects like ticks and fleas, which are annoying parasites that can expose the dog to a number of deadly diseases. In order to avoid insects like ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes, it is essential to keep your dog’s resting space clean. They should have dry bedding, which should also be changed periodically. Using anti-tick shampoos and collars on pets is one prophylactic measure. Tick sprays and powders are also quite effective at killing and scaring away these pests.

Vaccinations and regular health examinations

Even our pets are highly susceptible to skin infections and other health problems during the rainy season, just like humans are.
First, anytime the season changes, be sure that frequent health examinations are performed by a licenced veterinarian. Second, whenever necessary, give deworming vaccinations.

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