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Hyderabad mosque to be rebuilt on the same site: AIMIM

by TST Team
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AIMIM MP announced on Friday that a mosque that was razed by the municipal authorities in Shamshabad, on the outskirts of Hyderabad, four days ago, would be rebuilt there. In addition to other local AIMIM officials and locals, Telangana Assembly member Kausar Mohiuddin offered Friday prayers at the same location in Green Avenue Colony where Masjid-e-Khaja Mahmood was destroyed on Tuesday. He announced that the mosque would be rebuilt there following the prayers. He stated that Asaduddin Owaisi, the Hyderabad MP and president of AIMIM, had convinced the state administration to approve the mosque’s rebuilding.

To avoid any unfortunate incidents, police had strong security measures in place. Only fifty people were permitted to pray on Friday. Muslims in the area have protested vehemently the mosque’s demolition. AIMIM leaders had organised demonstrations at the municipal building and the Rangareddy district Collector’s office. Owaisi informed the administration about the demolition after taking careful notice of it. A three-person commission from the Municipal Administration department visited the municipal building and the site of the mosque’s demolition. After the panel’s visit, it became evident that the government would not put obstacles in the way of the mosque’s reconstruction.

All the paperwork pertaining to the mosque’s construction permit had been given to the municipal officials by the management committee of the mosque and representatives of AIMIM. Additionally, they requested that the officials in charge of the demolition face harsh punishment. Three years ago, the mosque was built, and according to locals, Friday prayers and five times of Namaz were done every day. In the wee hours of Tuesday, the local authorities used bulldozers to destroy the mosque in front of police. The action was conducted in response to a local resident’s allegation that the place of worship was built without permission. However, the Muslim residents of the area asserted that the mosque had been constructed with all necessary permits.

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