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Hyderabad road speed limits

by TST Team
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Hyderabad: Are you unclear about the posted speed restrictions on the city’s various roads? The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has started posting speed limits on major roads, which is excellent news for individuals who don’t want to get into problems by driving too fast on such routes.

The maximum speed limit for various vehicles on various types of roads within the GHMC jurisdiction was announced by the State government in a notification in May. Accordingly, under the Comprehensive Road Maintenance Programme (CRMP), the GHMC has assigned 709 km of important roads in its control to private agencies for road repairs, maintenance, and re-carpeting, and agencies are currently working on projects linked to the display of speed limits.

The announcement states that the maximum speed restriction for vehicles on divider-lined roadways is 60 kmph. It is 50 kmph on roads without dividers. The top speed limit for autos on colony roads is 30 kmph. On roads with dividers, the top speed restriction for cyclists, cars, buses, and other vehicles is 50 kmph. It is 40 kmph on routes without dividers.

On colony roads, these cars are only permitted to travel at a top speed of 30 kmph. Central government vehicles will not be subject to the maximum speed limit, according to GHMC authorities, who also noted that these speed limitations were valid within GHMC’s jurisdiction.

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