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Karthikeya 2 Movie Review | An Exciting Adventure!

by TST Team
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Story: Dr. Karthikeya (Nikhil) is a logical man who recognizes the validity of scientific explanations for superstitious beliefs. Srinivasa Reddy, along with Swati (Anupama Parameswaran), encounters conflict with gangs looking for Lord Srikrishna’s jewelry. The concept is one of adventure, with appropriately blended elements of mythology and treasure hunting.


With the raunchy thriller Karthikeya – 1, directed by Chandoo Mondeti, the stakes are raised significantly for the follow-up. The crew received additional funding, and that impacted the concept as well. Although Karthikeya -2’s plot isn’t particularly strong, the team was able to keep the audience interested by using a unique backdrop and bringing fresh material frequently. The second half is devoted to enhancing Lord Krishna’s qualities. It has been played successfully by the crowd numerous times.

The Abhira tribe’s connection to Krishna believers in Dwaraka dominates the first half of the movie, which has an intriguing idea. By the break, several threads running simultaneously pique interest, and the second half effectively weaves them together.The current passion around Hinduism in India aids this film’s financial success. The film’s lack of a typical love story between the hero and heroine is a plus. The production values are excellent given the constraints.


Nikhils effortlessly carries the movie on his shoulders. Anupama Parameswaran performed her task flawlessly. After a while, comedian Srinivasa Reddy received a significant role. Anupam Kher significantly improved the movie with his little appearance. Aditya does alright as the main villain, but someone of greater size may have performed the role.


Karthikeya-2 is a fascinating travelogue on Hindu pilgrimages, in our opinion. It combines an experimental idea with a Hindu mythological motif. The script is enormous in scope, and it is executed admirably. Overall, a watchable movie

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