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KCR promises farmers in India free electricity.

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A non-BJP government will undoubtedly take office at the federal level during the next elections, according to Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, who also pledged to give farmers free electricity nationwide.

Rao demanded that the BJP be expelled in 2024. He asked people to support the “BJP-Mukt Bharat” campaign slogan and choose a democratic, secular government.

He called the Narendra Modi government “anti-farmer” and said it was unwilling to spend 1.45 lakh crores to give farmers free electricity but instead stole Rs. 12 lakh crore under the guise of non-performing assets (NPAs) and loan waivers to corporations when he addressed a public gathering in Nizamabad following the opening of an integrated district collectorate complex.

KCR declared that when a non-BJP government takes office, Telangana’s policy of providing farmers with free electricity for 24 hours will be extended to the entire nation.

The leader of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) claimed that the prime minister is planning a plot to put water metres on farm borewells.

He criticised the Modi administration for failing to purchase agricultural products from farmers, failing to guarantee fair pricing, and planning to seize their farms.

“The BJP at the Center has been selling everything, including banks, industries, airports, and ports. There is currently a plot to seize farmers’ lands, he claimed.

According to the Chief Minister, both unemployment and the value of the rupee have increased during the BJP’s governance of the nation. He noted that nothing had been done for women, Dalits, or other vulnerable groups.

According to him, Modi is mainly concerned with overthrowing opposition governments in states.

The TRS leader declared that he will enter national politics with the support of the populace. He stated Nizamabad would serve as the starting point.

KCR urged discussion of current events in the nation and increased public knowledge. He argued that the BJP government needed to be removed because it was stoking religious intolerance and animosity.

Should we let the country burn in the conflagrations of religious craziness? Do you want to see blood flowing through the canals or water?

He prompted the Indian farmers to choose whether they wanted to see the crops or the blood droplets.

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