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Mumbai’s Ganesh Mandal Buys Rs 316.4 Cr in Insurance

by TST Team
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Mumbai, 29 August: One of the wealthiest Ganesh mandals in Mumbai, the GSB Seva Mandal, has purchased insurance coverage worth Rs. 316.40 crore for the next Ganpati festival, according to a mandal spokesman.

For the 10-day celebrations starting on Wednesday, all public liabilities and every devotee attending the mandal are protected under the insurance, according to Vijay Kamath, chairman of the GSB Seva Mandal located at the Kings Circle in Mumbai.

According to a mandal representative, it is the most insurance coverage a mandal has ever purchased.

The insurance, which costs Rs. 316.4 crore, comprises Rs. 31.97 crore in coverage for gold, silver, and other expensive things, as well as Rs. 263 crore in personal insurance for the pandal, volunteers, priests, cooks, employees of footwear stalls, valet parking staff, and security personnel.

According to Kamath, the mandal has also purchased a Rs 1 crore standard fire and special danger policy with earthquake risk that covers all of the furniture, fixtures, fittings, and installations, including computers, CCTVs, and scanners.

“All public responsibilities as well as those of each and every devotee who enters the mandal have been covered. Since we are the most obedient Ganesh mandal, it is our duty to protect every Bappa (Lord Ganesh) follower “said Kamath.

The GSB Seva Mandal is commemorating its 68th Ganpati festival this year.

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