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People will determine whether a video call is legitimate or not, said Lokesh.

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Former minister and TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh responded angrily to Ananthapur SP Fakeerappa’s remarks regarding MP Gorantla Madhav’s video call. He questioned the SP’s claim that the video was not original on a technical level.

“Is the SP a forensic science specialist? The former minister reiterated that the MP should be penalised for his unethical behaviour in the video chat with a woman and questioned the MP, “Does he have any report from the forensic laboratory to justify his statement?

He also criticised the SP for saving Madhav, a former police officer. The SP must be attempting to preserve his old colleague because they share a same background, Lokesh remarked, mocking the SP’s claims.

He also took issue with Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, a government advisor, for characterising the MP’s naked video as a private matter. He questioned how the government advisor could say anything so careless when the video call’s other participant is a member of parliament.

Lokesh claimed that the YSR Congress leaders were going above and beyond the call of duty when it came to lawlessness, violence, and the targeting of the opposition parties. In addition, he said that the YSR Congress officials were disparaging women and that the leaders of the dominant party did not respect women.

Lokesh dismissed the claims made by the YSR Congress officials and the MP himself, saying that the general public will determine if the film was phoney or authentic. He demanded that the MP and the YSR Congress officials appear before the populace for judgement.

He was also outraged by the YSR Congress leaders’ claim that the TDP was behind the video. He claimed that the TDP was not interested in learning about the leaders of the ruling party’s personal lives. The TDP leaders, on the other hand, were being targeted at all levels by the leaders of the ruling party.

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