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Ramarao On Duty Movie Review

by TST Team
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Ramarao On Duty

The film Ramarao On Duty, which was directed by Sarath Mandava, stars Ravi Teja as a trustworthy government employee. After a number of missing persons instances are reported, he goes on the offensive to uncover the truth. The clip indicates that Rajisha Vijayan and Divyansha Kaushik would play only minor roles. A number of well-known performers appear in Ramarao On Duty, and the movie features a number of plot threads. In his comeback, Venu plays a police officer. The film’s producer, Sudhakar Cherukuri, lavished money on it. Ramarao On Duty was influenced by an actual event that happened in 1995.
The Ramarao narrative takes place in the Chittoor district in 1995. The narrative of an upright sub collector who battles the red sandalwood gang is told. A few true events are incorporated into this movie’s storyline.
Analysis :
Though the name “Ramarao On Duty” suggests a pure masala movie, a serious subject is being addressed. The first part of the film attempts to be mostly family-oriented. Ramarao marries a different woman from the one he initially fell in love with. He also seeks to learn more about the 20 rural youth who have disappeared. During this process, he comes into conflict with Jammi Murali, a local police officer, and his SP (Tottempudi Venu). The sandalwood mafia, which has been controlled by a man named Viraz, is the subject of all available evidence. The second half focuses on how Ramarao confronts the offenders.
The movie’s opening act is primarily passive and conversational. It might take some time for the audience to adjust to the first half’s slow pacing and award-film style, which is unusual for a Raviteja picture. If the director can keep the viewer interested in the central murder narrative, investigative movies will succeed more. Instead of involving the audience in this situation, the screenplay confuses them. The music videos for the songs are lavishly funded and frequently shot abroad. However, the songs don’t fit with the movie’s rural, rustic vibe, especially since it’s set in 1995. The writing attempts to fit a mass star but occasionally fails.
Despite keeping a fantastic body, Raviteja’s character in this movie is not in his crazy level. The talents of seasoned performers like Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, Tanikella Bharani, Nasser, and Rahul Ramakrishna are wasted. The two leads are poorly cast
The movie “Ramarao on Duty” is a waste of time despite having a promising premise. The character of Rama Rao didn’t suit mass star Ravi Teja. Like recent Tollywood movies, this flick is forgettable.

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