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Rohit Sharma said before the Asia Cup that “We Needed A Change In Our Attitude & Approach.”

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Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, discussed the team’s preparations for the much awaited Asia Cup 2022. On August 28, India and Pakistan will square off in the event, and it is imperative that India demonstrate their superiority after Pakistan upset them by 10 wickets in the 2021 T20 World Cup.

India’s captain said, “We’ve made it quite plain after the T20 World Cup in Dubai, when we didn’t qualify for the finals — that we thought there needed to be a change in our mentality and approach in how we play our game,” in an exclusive interview on Star Sports show “Follow the Blues.”

Recently, Team India has changed its batting strategy to be more aggressive, which is encouraging the batters to play more freely and fearlessly. Sharma emphasised that their main priority is getting ready for the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup, two major competitions.

Individuals will unquestionably attempt to do that if the captain and coach make it clear where the team is trying to go. We are attempting to give them the freedom and clarity they need for it to occur. We want to grant them as much independence as we can.

Since it’s always a good indicator, Sharma remarked, “I know it’s really exciting to build so many leaders around the team. And you want the players, who know the game and each other very well, to bear the pressure. All of these things can occur when they are leading the team.

India has chosen six different captains over the last eight months, and each of them has excelled in terms of their leadership abilities. They have confidently led the team and taken victories as well.

“I believe having that leadership is crucial, but obviously, you know, we play the IPL, and it’s a 10-team competition. There will therefore be 10 captains, some of whom will eventually play for India. You know, I think it’s great because, in all honesty, these guys are lot better at their jobs than I am. So, the question is simply how I’m going to support someone else’s thought if they have one. That is my responsibility as captain, and that is what I’m attempting to accomplish, he said.

The team’s continual support from India coach Rahul Dravid was acknowledged by the “Hitman” as well. He claimed that Dravid is always a terrific teacher and that his advice will be invaluable when it came to the big tournaments.

“I have played few games with Rahul bhai because he served as my first captain when I made my ODI debut. So it is clear that we are on the same page. When I was hurt and he was there, I spent a lot of time in the NCA. He was closely watching my game as well, and we were in constant communication, the man stated.

Sharma also spoke about the need of having a shared vision and belief with the coach for the success and performance of the entire team.

“We met and sat together in a room for a long to discuss how we want to move this thing forward,” skipper said. “He was pretty much on the same thought process as to what I was thinking. That made it slightly easier for me to communicate with the lads clearly since we didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings inside the group. Of course, we also wanted him to change the way he played cricket. He was willing to accommodate how we wanted to play in each of the three forms.

The Asia Cup 2022 is ready to start, and the Indian captain has the duty of defending the championship and taking home another Asia Cup trophy.

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