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Tamil Rockerz Web Series Review

by TST Team
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The SonyLiv online series Tamil Rockerz marks the digital debut of Tamil heartthrob Arun Vijay. Additionally, with this series, the renowned production company AVM Productions entered the web world. We’ll see how it goes.


Garuda, a 300-crore budget movie starring Amazing Star Aditya, would be released online one day before it hits theatres, according to the pirate website Tamil Rockerz. Devastated by this, Garuda producer Mathi (Azhagam Perumal) asks the police for assistance in taking action. ACP Rudra (Arun Vijay), who will be troubled by the death of his wife, is given the task of bringing the piracy group to justice. He will receive a special squad that comprises Bhanu (Vinodhini), a cyber cell SI, and Sandhya (Vani Bhojan), a computer forensics expert. Who is responsible for this piracy? Did Rudra and his group manage to stop the group from pirating the Garuda movie? The remainder of the story includes this.

Positive Points:

As the father of Vani Bhojan in a brief cameo, MS Bhaskar discusses how piracy hurts all the parties involved in a movie. This specific moment raises ethical concerns about moviegoers who unlawfully watch movies at the expense of thousands of people’s work. This is very upsetting and makes us reflect.

To demonstrate how these websites function, a great deal of study was done. With his performance, Arun Vijay has been excellent, and he is leading the series. Vani Bhojan, one of the two female characters, is given a role that moves with the plot and she does well in it.

In his portrayal as a film producer who will be upset by the threat of piracy, Azhagam Perumal does a fantastic job. Vinodhini performs ok in her position. The majority of the aspects of the film industry are covered in the presentation. The first few episodes are beautifully built up, which grabs our interest.

Negative Points:

The backstories of both the protagonist and adversary caused the show’s major theme to veer off course. After a while, it evolved into a drama of revenge. Rudra’s private life with his wife could have been completely ignored because it lacks an emotional connection.

In a little role, Iswarya Menon is ineffective. After a strong beginning, the show falters. An investigative thriller needs a short running time to keep the audience interested. The story is overly drawn out in this instance and gives us the impression that it is quite long. It should have taken 6-7 episodes to complete the series.

The show has some intense moments, but they are few and far between. The series’ climax leaves room for interpretation, obviating the need for part 2 of the story. The show contains a lot of predictable elements.

Technical Details

Vikas Badisa’s music is excellent. Rajasekhar’s cinematography is nicely done. On their first series, AVM Productions has invested much. The depth is apparent throughout.

Given that the show is slow-paced in many places and demands patience, the editing could have been more precise. Regarding the director, Arivazhagan, he made a nice choice for the plot but failed to keep things intriguing. However, he has inserted a few exciting scenes here and there.


Overall, Tamil Rockerz offers a thrilling backdrop, but its predictability and revenge premise let it down. Its strengths are Arun Vijay and the cast’s performances, relevant information about the film industry, and a few lines of conversation. The writing group ought to have given the script more attention. If you base your expectations on its main argument, you can be let down.

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