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The Telangana cabinet meeting is on August 10 and will discuss new initiatives.

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HYDERABAD: When the State Cabinet meets in this location on Thursday, it will discuss a number of issues, including the announcement of new programmes and the mobilisation of more financial resources for the State. At Pragathi Bhavan, the Cabinet meeting is slated to begin at 3 PM. The Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) stated in a formal press statement on Tuesday that discussions would centre on mobilising greater resources for the State and other important problems.

The State government needs an additional Rs 2,400 crore annually, and the Cabinet is anticipated to approve Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s intention to expand the Aasara pension to an additional 10 lakh people in the State. It would be a difficult effort for the government to expand the Aasara pension to new beneficiaries while maintaining the current social programmes, especially in light of the “economic constraints” the Center has imposed.

The State’s market borrowing limit has already been reduced by Rs 15,000 crore this year by the Central government. Additionally, the State is not receiving the anticipated grants-in-aid from the Centre. The State administration intends to mobilise more financial resources in response to this. “For the past four months, we have been conducting an exercise to mobilise additional resources. With steps like closing loopholes in the mining industry and others, the State’s own earnings grew to some extent, an official stated.

Recently, the state government increased taxes and fees for car users while auctioning off some key areas. According to sources, the Cabinet is anticipated to study alternatives to increase its own financial resources.

The State Cabinet is anticipated to decide whether to release 75 inmates and convert the Warangal jail to an open-air facility. Additionally, a decision regarding the orphan children being designated as State government children is anticipated. These orphan youngsters will receive education and other services from the State.

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