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Thiruchitrambalam / Thiru Movie Review

by TST Team
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Dhanush, a global celebrity, is currently working on back-to-back movies. Thiruchirambalam, his most recent Tamil film, has been remade in Telugu as Thiru. Today, the movie was quietly released; let’s see how it does.


Delivery kid Thiru (Dhanush) resides with his father Prakash Raj and grandfather (Bharatiraja). He has a close relationship with his grandfather but serious problems with his father. He has known Shobana (Nithya Menon), whom he is good friends with, since he was a young child. Thiru is rejected after falling in love with Raashi Khanna’s portrayal of a contemporary girl. But then a shocking catastrophe happens, upending Thiru’s entire world. The rest of the narrative focuses on Thiru’s efforts to put his family back together and ultimately win his love.

Positive Points

Dhanush typically chooses interesting topics, and he did the same with Thiru. The movie is a sophisticated family drama with a healthy serving of reasonable love. Even if the plot seems foreordained, the narration is passable. The simple yet powerful way that emotions are released means that there are rarely any dull times.

Dhanush takes the initiative once more and demonstrates his acting prowess. He has good chemistry and affection with Bharatiraja and Nithya Menon, as well as animosity for his father Prakash Raj. He takes the initiative and performs with poise. In her cameo, Raashi Khanna is stylish.

Veteran director Bharatiraja excelled and performed a crucial part. Several of his scenes with his son Prakash Raj and grandson Dhanush will have you in tears. As per usual, Prakash Raj is given a substantial part and excels in it. Nithya Menon, whose part is appealing and exhibits selfless devotion, is the movie’s unsung hero. Despite not having her voice dubbed, Nithya gives a fantastic performance and dominates the final thirty minutes of the movie.

Negative Points

The movie’s plot is nothing new and has been included in other movies. Prakash Raj and Nithya Menon did not do the dubbing in their voices, which is disappointing. The movie has a slight Tamil influence, which might not appeal to the Telugu audience.

The movie’s first half is dominated by family-related sentiments. Although it is thoroughly established, the relationship between Prakash Raj and Dhanush is not given additional prominence in the story. It would have greatly improved the movie if there had been more conflict between these people.

Technical Details

The second half’s song ought to have been cut. The film’s dubbing, as was previously stated, is not very good. The camera work was good, and so were the production values. Regarding the film’s director, Mithran, he did a respectable job. Although he chooses a straightforward and outmoded plot, his narrative makes sense. The fact that he chose high performers significantly changes the story. Every character has been well-exalted by Mithran, who also gave the movie a sane narrator. The movie features a few episodes that will impact you in a few different ways, and the emotions are one of its main draws.


Overall, Thiru is a brilliant family story with excellent acting. Despite the tale being predictable and formulaic, it is nonetheless easy to watch due to the drama and intense emotions. Unfortunately, there has been no Telugu-language promotion for the movie, which makes it difficult for people to find venues to see it. However, once they do, Dhanush’s performance will make this weekend’s movie watchable.

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