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Vijay Deverakonda Sets Things Straight After ‘Arrogant’ Accusation

by TST Team
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The Liger actor travelled to Mumbai to meet Manoj Desai after the latter referred to Vijay Deverakonda as “arrogant” while presiding over Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir Cinema. For those who are unaware, Deverakonda had previously commented, “Kaun rokenge dekh lenge” (who will stop, we shall see), in response to the trend of “boycotting Liger” during the film’s advertising. Desai described Deverakonda’s demeanour as “arrogant” after the remark.

It appears that Deverakonda and Desai met in a picture that is going around the internet. Vijay made it clear during the chat that he not only loves but also appreciates his audience and that he frequently runs promotions for 30 days to reach a wider audience. He added that he produces films for the audience and that he has grown out of them. Additionally, he added that there is a group of people who consistently raise their voices in favour of a boycott of the movie, but their concerns are not with a particular hero or heroine; rather, they are with the entire production crew and their families.

He is a truly kind guy, down to earth, and I shall keep loving him forever, Desai said of Vijay Deverakonda. He has a promising future, and I hereby swear that I shall take all of his pictures. I send him my warmest wishes.

Deverakonda remarked, “I feel that there is no room for fear. When I had nothing, I didn’t fear, and now that I have achieved something, I don’t think there needs to be any worry even now,” in an interview with ANI prior to the release of Liger. We have our mother’s blessings, other people’s affection, God’s support, a fire inside of us, and we’ll see who can stop us. (Maa ka aashirwaad hai, Llogon ka pyaar hai, Bhagwaan ka haath hai, andar aag hai, kaun rokenge dekh lenge)

Desai did not appreciate his response. Desai told Hindustan Times that the man’s remark, “Watch the movie in the theatre or it’ll go to OTT,” was irresponsible. Reviews indicate that the movie’s content is likewise lacking. Actors aren’t concerned about theatres because they are succeeding on OTT.

Not just Vijay, either. A-list celebrities have made a lot of careless remarks. Raksha Bandhan, Laal Singh Chaddha, Do Baara, and now Liger have all been boycotted. The boycott by Brahmastra has also started. Stars must avoid taking a political stance and exercise caution while making pronouncements, he continued.

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