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WHO director reports a 35% increase in deaths in 4 weeks

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Leaders and academics have emphasised numerous times that the globe must learn to adapt to Covid as the pandemic enters its third year. However, WHO director Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus has stated that this does not mean that “we pretend it’s not there” in a warning against dropping guards. It implies that we employ all of our resources to safeguard both ourselves and others, the man remarked.

He revealed in the most recent coronavirus briefing that the number of deaths — connected to Covid and reported globally — has grown by 35% in the past month. “The epidemic and this virus have grown old on all of us. But the virus is still alive, he claimed.

Omicron continues to be the prevalent variety, and more than 90% of sequences in the previous month belonged to the BA.5 sub-variant.

The head of the WHO is heard announcing in a video message to the world: “Covid caused the deaths of 15,000 individuals worldwide. The rate of 15,000 per week is totally unacceptable given that we have the means to stop diseases and save lives.

None of us are powerless. Please get immunised if you haven’t already, and receive a booster dosage if necessary. The WHO director suggests wearing a mask and maintaining social distance in the video. “With 15,000 fatalities every week from the epidemic, we cannot survive. We cannot continue to have rising hospital admissions. We must tolerate unequal access to vaccines, the head of the global health organisation pleaded in anguish.

Since the pandemic began, there have been over 59 crore cases documented worldwide, along with over 64 lakh fatalities. Over 9.3 crore of these instances have been documented, the majority of which came from the United States (around 4.4 crore).

As the virus continues to change, the WHO has mentioned the uneven delivery of vaccines on numerous occasions.

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