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Why did Elon Musk meet Pranay Pathole and who is he?

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Nobody needs to introduce Elon Musk. Whatever the millionaire CEO of Tesla does, whether it be online or off, is always taken notice of by his fans and other internet users. On social media, Musk is highly outspoken about his opinions and frequently engages with his followers.

This time, a post written by IT expert Pranay Pathole, who is located in Pune, is making the rounds on social media. The image of the techie and the world’s richest person is the cause.

“It was wonderful to meet you at the Gigafactory Texas, @elonmusk. I’ve never met somebody so modest and real. You serve as an example to millions of people “Pathole tweeted a photo of him and Musk along with a few heart emojis.

Pranay Pathole, who is he?

Pathole is Musk’s longtime Indian Twitter connection for those who are unfamiliar. In 2018, he tweeted about Tesla’s automated windshield wipers and the problem with them in the rain after getting in touch with Musk. Musk has responded by stating that it would be “resolved in next update.”

Musk and Pathole have been connected on Twitter for four years and frequently communicate via direct messaging (direct messages). On his tweets, the billionaire is seen leaving comments.

Pathole is a Master of Science (MS) in Business Analytics student and a former employee of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), according to his LinkedIn page.

He met Elon Musk for what reason?

According to his tweets, Musk tagged in a short video of the “surface of Mars recorded by the Curiosity rover” in his pinned tweet. We should bring life to Mars because it “looks wonderful,” Musk had responded.

But for the time being, all we can do is speculate as to what Pathole’s visit to Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas might have actually been about. When Pathole answers to our message, we will update this article.

Pathole has long admired Musk’s work, and Musk has praised Pathole for her opinions throughout the years.

A record was recently set by Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas, which produced 1,000 Model Y cars in a single week.

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